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The "Primavera" armchair was initiated as a research project examining materials layering and their combination. The research studied the relationships between materials of different properties combined together into a new complete element.

My interest was to find out how each material keeps its unique identity while changing according to the material it interacts with, and by that creates a new object that appears and performs in a different way.  
The new layered combination created a new design method allowing thinking of the assembling of object components'.

I was fascinated by the esthetic that the layered combination created, the versatile expressions achieved from each material like soft vs. hard, cracking vs. incomplete, flexible vs. stable. 
The armchair is made of lamination, combining layers of veneer and fabric. The lamination center begins with a wooden seat. From the firm wooden seat, the fabric is slowly combined ending with soft colorful tassels. Ending with the tassels, the arms create new sensory experience. The combination of material creates together an interesting, vibrant and an avant-garde object.

The name "primavera" expresses the blooming of the colorful fabric between the wood layers.


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